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Updated June 20, 2014

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I have to say, as I browse this listing of four syllable boy names, I can group a majority into one of two categories: Biblical names and names with a Southern European or Latin flair. While longer boy names aren't nearly as popular as shorter ones, for families looking for a longer, noble-sounding, or ethnic name, one of these suggestions just might be it. (Scroll down for name list).

Four Syllable Boy Names and Ending Sound

Most of the names end in a vowel sound, which adds to the additional syllable and also gives a hint to the country of origin (many names with Italian or Spanish roots end in -o). However, there are a few that end in a consonant sound: Alexander, Nathaniel, Maximilian, Maximiliano, Demetrius, Jamarion, and Leonidas.

Four Syllable Names for Boys, Alphabetically

Let me skip ahead for just one second. There are not many five and six syllable boy names currently making the Top 1000 Boy Names. The one five syllable name on the boys' list is Emiliano. And the longest name on both the boy and girl name lists is Maximiliano, a bit of a mouthful at 6 syllables. No other name on either chart is as long.

So using that listing of the 1000 most popular names, I pulled out all the 4 syllable names and listed them alphabetically, grouping names of similar pronunciation together. Note: depending on where you live, you might pronounce some of these names with only 3 syllables. For example: I've heard Nathaniel pronounced both na-THAN-ee-el and na-THAN-yel. Just keep that in mind as you preuse the list. Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Alexander, Alexzander
Giovanni, Giovani, Giovanny
Jeremiah, Jerimiah, Jeramiah
Nathaniel, Nathanael
Zachariah, Zechariah

Four, Five and Six Syllable Boy Names By Popularity

Now I realize many parents are also curious about the popularity of the name. Well, when it comes to four syllable boys names, you can see that isn't as much of a concern. Only one name makes the Top 50 Baby Names list, Alexander.

Below I've listed the names in order of popularity. The number that follows the name (or group of names) reflects the popularity of the most popular spelling of the name (listed first).

  • Alexander, Alexzander 8
  • Jeremiah, Jerimiah, Jeramiah 51
  • Nathaniel, Nathanael 84
  • Giovanni, Giovani, Giovanny 118
  • Alejandro 130
  • Santiago 131
  • Leonardo 149
  • Eduardo 184
  • Emanuel 261
  • Emiliano 281
  • Maximiliano 289
  • Emilio 303
  • Nehemiah 349
  • Maximilian 433
  • Mauricio 442
  • Zachariah, Zechariah 465
  • Demetrius 581
  • Jamarion 587
  • Alessandro 638
  • Luciano 649
  • Valentino 761
  • Giancarlo 794
  • Deangelo 798
  • Damarion 842
  • Hezekiah 877
  • Jedidiah 887
  • Leonidas 888
  • Ignacio 952
  • Mariano 957
  • Cristiano 975
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