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Great Valentine's Gifts From Baby for the Entire Family


Updated June 30, 2014

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Great Daddy Gifts from Baby for Valentine's Day
daddy gifts from baby

The Babe Magnet tie is the perfect gifts for fathers.

Smart Mom Jewelry

When I first began the hunt for some good daddy gifts from baby, I had to feature this first product. Babe Magnet Ties by Smart Mom Jewelry is just too great to pass up. Often moms wear decorative teething necklaces and bracelets to help keep their baby entertained, and this is Smart Mom Jewelry's response. These ties look identical to your ordinary every day tie, but hidden inside is a squeaker toy and rattle.

Another great daddy gift idea are photo embellished accessories. One of the first gifts my daughter gave her father was a money clip with her photograph embedded into the metal (compare prices). I've also seen cuff links (compare prices), and pocket watches (compare prices). These gifts will keep forever and make wonderful heirlooms.

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