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Easter Scrapbook Ideas for Embellishments

Easy Accents for Your Baby Scrapbook Album


Updated February 24, 2013

easter scrapbook ideas

Draw inspiration for Easter scrapbook ideas from your favorite holiday decor items.


Easter scrapbook embellishments can be a wonderful way to reinforce the theme of your holiday layouts, but you don't need to spend a lot of money on patterned paper, stickers, rub-ons, or die cuts in order to add pizzazz to your child's scrapbook. You can easily make Easter themed embellishments using a few basic craft supplies.

Creative Seasonal Accents

Easter eggs are the most obvious embellishment choice for Easter scrapbook pages. Use patterned paper scraps to create colorful Easter egg embellishments. Piece together patchwork designs over die cut egg shapes. Add a bit of shading with chalk or ink, if desired. Coat the eggs with a layer of UTEE or Ranger Ink Glassy Accents to add shine.

Tulips, lilies, daisies, and other springtime flowers are popular Easter scrapbooking embellishments as well. If you have a boy, keep in mind that Easter scrapbook layouts provide the perfect opportunity to use embellishments that are traditionally seen as more feminine. As long as they're used sparingly, flowers are perfectly appropriate for an Easter page in your son's baby scrapbook.

Make a cute Easter bunny for your scrapbook layout by printing out clip art from one of the resources featured at About Web Clip Art. Add flocking powder to give your bunny a fuzzy texture, then tie a ribbon bow around his neck. Attach him to your page with foam adhesive squares for added dimension.

Easter Scrapbook Ideas for Title Treatments

If you have a lot of Easter baby pictures to include on your scrapbook layout, you might not have much room left for embellishments. In this case, the best approach is to create a decorative title that helps add visual appeal. Free fonts make it easy to create Easter scapbook ideas for decorative titles by offering everything from casual handwriting to block letters encased inside tiny Easter eggs.

About Freebies lists six great free Easter fonts that are perfect for making decorative titles for your baby scrapbook album.

Patterned Paper for Easter Scrapbooking

Make background paper for Easter scrapbook layouts by adding a subtle wash of watercolor paint to textured cardstock. Good Easter color schemes include:

  • Light blue and yellow
  • Pastel pink and mint green
  • Lavender and sky blue
  • Lavender and yellow
  • Yellow and green
  • Rose and beige
  • Orange and yellow
  • Yellow, pink, and orange
  • Pink, purple, and yellow

Another great way to make patterned paper for an Easter scrapbook page is to simply use a word processing program to repeat a saying or phrase in a pretty font. For example:

  • 24 Carrot Kid
  • Cute as a Bunny
  • Eggs-tra Special
  • All Ears
  • Bunnies and Bows

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