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Car Seat Safety

Car seat safety needs to be a priority for all parents. Learn various car seat tips, how to select the best car seat for your baby. Make car seat safety a focus.

Do you always need to get rid of a child car seat after it has been in an...
Do you always need to get rid of a child car seat after it has been in an accident? Not necessarily. Find out what constitutes replacing a car seat following an accident.

Proper Use of Baby Coats in Car Seats
Did you know that baby coats can interfere with how well your car seat keeps your baby safe? Learn how to properly suit little ones in their baby coats and avoid potential injury.

Baby Coats and Car Seats - Suggestions on Using Baby Coats in Car seats
Looking for suggestions on how to safely use baby coats in car seats? Have a product that keeps your baby warm, cozy, and safe from coat compression. Read and share ideas here on safely using baby coats in car seats.

How to Choose the Best Infant Car Seat Carrier
Parents often get caught up in buying the "best" infant car seat for their baby. However, there is no one "best" restraint. Rather parents should look at a number of factors to determine which car seat is best for their car, their baby, and their lifestyle.

Winter Baby Products and Safe Car Seat Accessories - Travel and Car Seat...
There is a bit of a dilema for parents of a winter baby- how to keep their baby warm and cozy in her car seat without having a negative effect on how the car seat harness operates. Yep, that's right; when not used wisely, winter coats and snowsuits can interfere with a car seat's performance. It is possible to test your winter wear and...

Tell Me About Car Seat Expiration. Why Do Car Seats Expire?
People sometimes question what is up with car seat expiration. Find out why it's important to stop using car seats past the expiration date.

Are You Using the Car Seat Harness Correctly?
One of the most important baby gear items you need is an infant car seat. However, parents often misuse the car seat harness which inhibits how well it protects your baby in an accident. Find out common problems when using infant car seats.

Car Seat Reviews
Before you buy a car seat, be sure to read parents' car seat reviews. Knowing what seats worked well for parents and what cars they worked well in can help you make the right choice for your baby.

How Can I Find Cheap Car Seats?
Depending on what kind you buy, a baby car seat can be quite expensive. Use these tips to locate cheap car seats and save money.

I See a Lot of Used Car Seats for Sale. Are They Safe?
used car seats for sale, buying car seats, used car seat

Registering Your Car Seat
Do you have a car seat but have not registered it? Lost the registration and not sure how you can notify the manufacturer? Maybe you moved and need to update your contact information. Find out why you should register your car seats and what to do if you do not have the registration card.

Car Seat Recommendations
Wondering when it is time to move your baby or child to the next size of car seat or out of the car seat altogether? Here are the guidelines on when to change car seats.

Car Seats Laws By State
Find out the car seat laws for every state. Includes specific information on rear-facing laws, booster seat laws, and seat belt laws as well.

Every State: Car and Booster Seat Law
A side-by-side comparison of booster seat law and car seat laws for every state. Also includes laws for passenger seat belts.

Car Seat Legislation Throughout the United States
Keep up-to-date on car seat legislation. Compare car seat laws by state and learn about rear facing seats, booster seats, and seat belts laws.

State Laws for Car Seats
You might be surprised to learn not only what your state law is for child car seats, but how different they can be from state to state. Compare the state laws for car seats including rules for rear facing, child seats, booster seats, and seat belts.

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