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How to Throw a Mother Goose Party

Using Nursery Rhyme Themes for First Birthday Celebrations


Updated June 09, 2014

mother goose party

A Mother Goose party is a great way to celebrate baby's first birthday.


If you and your baby enjoy reading Mother Goose nursery rhymes together, a Mother Goose party can be a wonderful way to celebrate his first birthday. This party theme also works well if you're have a "no gifts please" party, since you can request that guests bring a book to donate to the local library in lieu of a traditional birthday present.

Mother Goose Decorations

The Mother Goose theme has a slightly vintage vibe, so keep this in mind when choosing party decorations. A red gingham checked tablecloth sets the stage for your party. Dishes and silverware can be kept in a wicker picnic basket. Small tin buckets can be used to serve snacks. Color copies of your favorite Mother Goose illustrations can be printed on heavy cardstock and strung together to make a cute banner.

Purchased Mother Goose party supplies are hard to come by, although there are some nursery rhyme baby shower decorations (compare prices) that you can repurpose for a first birthday celebration.

Mother Goose Birthday Cake Ideas

The most popular cake choice for a Mother Goose themed birthday seems to be a Humpty Dumpty cake. You can see several different versions of this design on the Coolest Birthday Cakes website.

If you're not comfortable making an elaborate birthday cake, decorate a round cake with yellow frosting to resemble a half moon shape and add a small toy cow in the black night sky for a And The Cow Jumped Over the Moon cake theme. Another idea would be to create a tower of cupcakes decorated with star rings or picks to echo the Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star rhyme.

Mother Goose Party Activities

For a first birthday party, you need to keep in mind that young guests have short attention spans. Any crafts, games, or activities you plan will need to be quick or you'll risk having a bunch of cranky, over stimulated children.

A puppet show featuring Mother Goose characters would be a great entertainment option for a first birthday. Make a puppet theater from an old cardboard box or use the instructions on the About Toys website to create a theater that your child can enjoy for several years to come. If you don't have puppets available, check to see if your local library or a nearby daycare center will let you borrow some for the day.

Coloring is a fun activity for a first birthday party as well. About Family Crafts has a nice assortment of Mother Goose coloring pages that you can print for children to enjoy, as well as a list of party activities that would be suitable if you need a separate activity for older siblings, cousins, or special friends of the family.

Mother Goose Party Favor Ideas

With a first birthday party, there isn't an expectation of party favors. However, if you enjoy doing goody bags for your guests, try to choose an item or two that ties in with your party theme.

A nursery rhyme book would be a cute keepsake from a Mother Goose party. Cheap board books can often be found at dollar stores, although Enchanted Learning does have a printable book craft that you could assemble for each child. Star stickers, from Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star would also be a cute favor for your goody bag. Plastic sand buckets and shovels, from the Jack and Jill rhyme, would work as well.

Other First Birthday Party Ideas

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