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Monkey Birthday Theme Party Tips

How to Celebrate Your Little Monkey's First Birthday


Updated June 12, 2014

monkey birthday theme

A monkey birthday theme is a great choice for a child who is always getting into mischief.


If your little monkey is always into mischief, a monkey birthday theme may be the perfect choice for celebrating his or her first birthday. The lighthearted monkey theme offers lots of room for creativity in choosing your decorations, cake, and birthday party activities.

Ideas for Monkey Birthday Decorations

Decorations set the stage for a successful first birthday celebration. If your child has any monkey stuffed animals or monkey themed board books, dig out these items to use as the basis for your party decorations. Don't forget to include bananas from your child's play food set as well. If your child has a set of alphabet magnets, use them to spell out fun sayings like "Monkeying Around" or "Monkey See, Monkey Do" throughout the room.

Party supply stores have a number of monkey themed birthday party supplies, including items with a broader jungle theme or items featuring Curious George. You don't necessarily need to purchase a full package of patterned paper plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths, and centerpieces, however. Even buying just one or two basic items will be enough to set the mood for your party.

Outfitting the Birthday Boy or Birthday Girl

Obviously, you'll be taking plenty of pictures in honor of baby's first birthday. To make your shots extra special, consider buying a monkey themed outfit for your son or daughter to wear for the party. There are t-shirts, onesies, hats, and bibs with monkeys on them widely available online (compare prices) and at discount stores like Walmart or Target.

Additionally, you can find adorable handmade outfits available at on-line shops such as Etsy. A retro hand-knit sock monkey outfit might just be too cute to pass up. With a special outfit such as this, you might find you want to re-purpose it into a baby keepsake to cherish forever.

Monkey Birthday Cake Ideas

No birthday party is complete without cake! The Coolest Birthday Cakes website has a section devoted to various monkey birthday cake designs, ranging from 3D monkey cakes to simple monkey faces created by joining cupcakes and a flat round cake together. For a nice change from the traditional chocolate or vanilla cake, try making a banana cake for your guests.

If you're planning on serving an entire meal, keep in mind that monkey bread is a fun snack for a monkey themed birthday party. Banana splits would be appropriate as well.

Monkey Birthday Activities

Story time is always a popular entertainment choice for a one-year-old birthday party celebration. There are plenty of cute books about monkeys available at your local public library, ranging from books about a trip to the zoo to Curious George stories.

Craft projects are another activity option for a child's birthday party. Making Learning Fun has an assortment of monkey themed printables, including monkey masks, monkey activities sheets, and monkey craft projects.

If your birthday party includes baby's older siblings, neighborhood children, and friends of the family, playing the Barrel of Monkeys game (compare prices) might be a good idea. Have the children race to see who can connect the most monkeys in the shortest amount of time.

Monkey Themed Birthday Party Favors

If you'd like to hand out party favors, send each guest home with a monkey coloring page and a box of crayons. Bananas or dried banana chips also make fun additions to your monkey birthday party goodie bag.

Other First Birthday Party Ideas

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