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Celebrate With Lego Birthday Party Ideas

How to Plan Baby's First Birthday


Updated September 15, 2011

Lego birthday party ideas

Lego birthday party ideas set the stage for an unforgettable first birthday celebration.


Lego birthday party ideas are more popular for older children, but this can also be a fun theme for baby's first birthday if you focus on colorful decorations, a cute Lego birthday cake, and memorable activities for your guests.

Lego Birthday Ideas for Decorations

Since Lego Duplo bricks are recommended for children ages 1 ½ to 5, many parents pick them up as gifts for baby's first birthday. If your child already has a collection of Duplos, however, you can put these to work creating scenes and figures to use as party decorations. You'll also want to add some balloons and streamers in bright primary colors for a festive look.

Lego birthday party supplies are hard to find in stores, although the Birthday Express website does carry an exclusive Legoville party pack that would be cute for baby's first birthday. If you plan ahead to allow enough time for shipping, Etsy has enterprising crafters selling everything from Lego inspired birthday banners to Lego cupcake toppers and tags for Lego party goodie bags.

Lego Birthday Cake Ideas

The Betty Crocker website has instructions for a very basic Lego brick cake that you can make even if you're a novice in the kitchen. If you want to try something a little more complicated, our slideshow of first birthday cake ideas features a Lego cake that is decorated to look like the number one made from a series of colorful bricks. About Entertaining also has a creative Lego cake idea that includes real Lego bricks as part of the design.

Lego cake pops would be a fun treat for baby's first birthday party if you're looking for something besides a traditional birthday cake. Cupcakes are popular at children's birthday parties and could be served on a cupcake stand made from Legos or decorated with tiny Lego minifigures.

Lego Theme Meal Ideas

Many parents like to limit baby's first birthday celebration to a simple cake and ice cream affair. If you're planning on serving a meal, however, consider making Lego pizza. Use your favorite homemade pizza recipe to create a rectangle shaped pizza with pepperoni or Canadian bacon slices arranged to look like the studs in Lego bricks.

Another fun idea for your child's Lego birthday party would be to create Lego sandwiches. Cut peanut butter and jelly or ham and cheese sandwiches into rectangles, then use a bit of peanut butter or a dab of Cheez Whiz to adhere tiny circular bread studs to the top of each sandwich. (While children can typically eat peanut butter by 12 months of age, keep in mind that many pediatricians recommend waiting until your child is 2 or 3 years old if you have a family history of allergies.)

Lego Party Activities

Obviously, a Lego building activity will be the primary form of entertainment at a Lego themed birthday party. For your little guests, provide Lego Duplo bricks. If you have older children participating in baby's first birthday celebration, set up a separate table with smaller Legos for them to use. Remember to take pictures of everyone's creations before they are taken apart!

Best Birthday Ideas has a downloadable Lego bingo game that would be cute to play in a group if your party includes enough adults or older children who can help the little ones find the correct pieces on their cards.

Lego Party Favors

When it's time for everyone to go home, thank your guests for helping to celebrate baby's first birthday with a few small party favors. Many people like to include actual Lego bricks in their goodie bags, but this might not be practical if you have a large number of guests and a limited budget. If you need something more affordable, the Lego website has a number of cute downloads that you can use to create your Lego party goodie bag, including masks so kids can dress up like Lego minifigures and an assortment of Lego Duplo coloring sheets and activity pages. Kellogg's also makes Lego Fun Snacks that would be a good treat to include.

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