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Dr. Seuss First Birthday Party Tips

Quick and Easy Dr. Seuss Theme Ideas


Updated September 12, 2011

Dr. Seuss First Birthday

Use The Cat in the Hat as inspiration for a Dr. Seuss first birthday party theme.


Beloved Dr. Seuss stories make for an inspired first birthday party theme for your baby. The bright colors and whimsical characters in Dr. Seuss's popular children's books make this theme appealing for party guests of all ages.

Dr. Seuss First Birthday Decorations

Dr. Seuss themed party supplies (compare prices) are readily available for purchase from a number of different online retailers.

You can supplement your purchased party decorations with red, white, and blue balloon bouquets. You can also try stacking your child's collection of Dr. Seuss books to make a fun party centerpiece.

If you'd like to purchase a cute outfit for the birthday boy or birthday girl, there are lots of picture-perfect options available. You should be able to find a nice selection of onesies, pants, t-shirts, and bibs (compare prices) from all of the most popular Dr. Seuss stories.

Dr. Seuss Cake Ideas

The most popular Dr. Seuss birthday cake idea involves stacking frosted red and white layers of cake together to make a tall Dr. Seuss hat. Another simple cake idea would be to decorate a flat round cake to look like a fish bowl and use gummy fish candies to make a One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish cake. If you'd prefer cupcakes for baby's first birthday, use red liners, white frosting, and puffs of blue cotton candy to make "Thing 2" and "Thing 2" cupcakes.

Coolest Birthday Cakes has a gallery of Dr. Seuss themed cakes that you can use for inspiration. The Seussville website has printable recipes for a Cat in the Hat tub cake and a Katroo cake if you're looking for something that's a bit more unique.

Activities with a Dr. Seuss Birthday Theme

Story time is an obvious choice for party with a Dr. Seuss birthday theme, but craft projects can also be fun if your event includes baby's older siblings, friends of the family, or other neighborhood children. If you're looking for a simple craft project, make a Cat in the Hat hat or a cat ear headband for each of your guests. Take lots of pictures of everyone in their new headgear when you're finished!

A Dr. Seuss matching game (compare prices) would be a fun first birthday party activity, especially if you come up with a small prize to award to the winner. If you don't want to purchase a board game for your party, make your own matching game by copying your favorite book illustrations onto sturdy cardstock. The fewer pairs of cards you make, the easier the game will be to complete.

Dr. Seuss First Birthday Party Favors

Sending each child home with a copy of a special Dr. Seuss book would be a great way to thank your guests for coming, but this might be cost prohibitive if you're having a large party. If you're looking for a budget-friendly favor option, consider purchasing Dr. Seuss stickers or giving each child a Dr. Seuss coloring sheet and a box of crayons. A plastic bag of red, white, and blue candies would also be appropriate, as long as you are careful to avoid items that may be considered a choking hazard.

Other First Birthday Party Ideas

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