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Scrapbook Your Baby Photos With Serif CraftArtist

Software Makes Digital Scrapbooking Easy

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Updated December 28, 2011

Craft Artist

Layout created using elements from Serif CraftArtist Baby Photos "Poppy Tots" scrapbook kit.

Dana Hinders

When you're a new parent, the last thing you want to do is spend time mastering a complicated software program. If you want to preserve your baby memories in a digital scrapbook or photo book, Serif CraftArtist makes this task surprisingly easy.

About Serif Craft Artist

Serif CraftArtist is a great resource for busy new parents who want to make professional looking scrapbooks in a hurry. This easy-to-use software comes in several different versions:

  • CraftArtist Baby Photos, which focuses on templates for preserving your favorite baby pictures and making baby announcements, invitations, or greeting cards
  • CraftArtist Wedding Day, which focuses exclusively on wedding memories
  • CraftArtist Scrapbooks, with templates for everyday scrapbook projects
  • CraftArtist Greeting Cards, with templates for all occasion greeting cards
  • CraftArtist Platinum, which includes all of the CraftArtist products in one convenient package

CraftArtist Baby Photos sells for $29.99, while CraftArtist Platinum retails for $59.99. The extra graphics included in the Platinum package make this the best overall investment, especially if you want a product that will grow with as your scrapbooking needs progress.

Templates for Baby Photos

Templates in the Baby Photos version of CraftArtist are placed in five distinct groups, all of which can be sized to fit 12x12, 8x8, 6x4, 8 ½ x 11, or 11 x 8 ½ layouts:

  • "Bambino Thoughts" is a casual collection with a brown, orange, green, and blue color scheme. This is appropriate for both boy and girl scrapbook projects.
  • "Diamond Hearts" has a romantic, feminine look with a rose and silver color scheme. This is perfect for scrapbooking photos of your little princess.
  • "Poppy Tots" is a more whimsical theme for baby girl scrapbook pages. Templates have a pink, purple, red, cream, and brown color scheme with floral poppy embellishments.
  • "Quilted Cuddles" has templates designed to look like a cozy handmade baby blanket, featuring buttons, bows, and lace trim. The color scheme is primarily neutral, with lots of tans and creams.
  • "Sweetheart Scrolls" features a slate blue, yellow, and cream color scheme with artfully doodled scroll embellishments. Many of the templates resemble pages from a fairy tale book, making this the perfect choice for scrapbooking photos of your handsome little prince.

Creating a Layout

The introductory screen in the CraftArtist software has links to video tutorials and a PDF user guide to help you get started, but the interface is very intuitive. If you've ever done basic word processing or used digital image editing software in the past, you'll likely be able to jump right into your first project.

There are frames, brushes, embellishments, letters, punches, stencils, scissors, and materials that you can use to customize each template, although you can just drag and drop photos into the correct spaces if you are in a hurry. If needed, you can use the program's built-in photo editor to enhance images before adding them to your projects. While not as sophisticated as Adobe Photoshop Elements, the image editor is more than capable of handling basic tasks like cropping and eliminating red eye.

You could easily scrapbook every photo from your baby's first year using the digital scrapbooking templates included on the Baby Photos version of Serif CraftArtist. If you want more variety, however, the software contains direct links to additional kits you can purchase from the DaisyTrail.com online store. You can also incorporate free baby scrapbooking graphics obtained from other websites into your CraftArtist projects.

When you're finished with your layout, you can export it as an image or PDF document. Print it on your home computer, email it your friends, or order photo projects from an online service such as Snapfish or Shutterfly.

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