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Keeping a Notebook of Scrapbooking Page Ideas

Simplify Your Baby Scrapbook Album


Updated December 03, 2010

scrapbooking page ideas

Jot down scrapbooking page ideas whenever they occur.

Dana Hinders

Inspiration often strikes at the most unexpected times, so keeping a notebook of scrapbooking page ideas is a smart move. You don't want to miss a great idea for a layout for your baby keepsake album simply because you didn't have a pen and paper handy.

Organizing Scrapbooking Page Ideas

Purchase a small notebook to keep in your purse, desk, or the glove compartment of your car. If you get in the habit of writing down ideas as they come to you, making pages for your baby scrapbook album will be much easier. Instead of wasting precious cropping time sitting around trying to come up with a plan for the photos of your son's baptism, you'll be able to flip through your notebook to find everything you need to start the project.

Deciding what to include in your idea notebook is a personal decision, but many scrapbookers find it most useful to jot down ideas for journaling, color schemes, and scrapbook sketches.

Journaling Ideas

You've probably noticed by now that taking care of a newborn is a lot of work! Sleep deprivation tends to affect your memory, so jotting down ideas for scrapbook journaling when they come to you is the best way to ensure you won't forget any special memories from this important time in your child's life. When you whip out your camera for a photo session, you can jot down notes about why each photo is important. You can also use your notebook to record interesting anecdotes, funny things your older children say about their sibling, and poems or song lyrics that you find applicable to your child's growth and development during the first year.

Color Schemes

Traditionally, baby scrapbook pages are made in soft pastels. There's nothing wrong with a pink baby girl scrapbook page or a blue baby boy scrapbook layout, but sometimes you want a bit more variety.

Ideas for color schemes are all around you. Once you start scrapbooking, you'll find ideas for color schemes in a variety of places. Look for unusual combinations that appeal to you in greeting cards, paint chips, fabric samples, storefront displays, jewelry, makeup palettes, and magazine ads. Perhaps you'll discover that orange and green patterned paper makes a great background for a baby layout featuring your son playing with his favorite stuffed monkey. Maybe lavender and chocolate is the perfect color combination for a baby layout of your daughter's bedtime routine.

Scrapbooking Sketches

Scrapbooking sketches can be a great time saving tool for busy parents. A sketch gives you an idea of where to place your photos and journaling, essentially acting as a blueprint for your project. You can find sketches online at various scrapbooking websites, but you can also make your own sketches. Consider adding sketches to your scrapbooking inspiration notebook based on designs you've seen in magazine ads or product packaging. A rough outline of where the elements are placed on the page is sufficient; you don't need to attempt to precisely recreate the source of the idea. However, if you have room, you could also tape the clippings into your notebook to refer to at a later date.

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