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Creative Scrapbook Flowers

Tips for Embellishing Baby Girl Scrapbook Layouts


Updated February 01, 2011

scrapbook flowers

Arrange photo turns in a circle to make an abstract flower for your baby girl scrapbook layout.

Dana Hinders

Flowers are tremendously popular embellishments for baby girl scrapbook pages, but decorating your layouts with traditional paper blossoms can get old after awhile. Who wants every scrapbook page to look exactly the same? Jazz up your layouts by trying one of these baby girl scrapbook ideas.

Punch Art Scrapbook Flowers

Making punch art is a thrifty way to create scrapbook embellishments. Design flowers for your pages by punching four hearts from the patterned paper of your choice. Arrange the hearts in a circle with the points touching each other, then add a gemstone center for a bit of sparkle.

Ric-Rac Scrapbooking Embellishments

Ric-rac is a popular trim for scrapbook borders, but you can also use it to make lovely rosettes for your baby girl scrapbook layouts. Simply apply a bit of glue to the trim, then roll it up into a ball. Apply a small bit of Fray Check to the ends if you're worried about durability.

Button Flowers for Scrapbooking

Layered buttons make great casual flowers for girl scrapbook pages. Choose two or three buttons in complementing colors, then layer them from largest to smallest. Use glue dots to attach the buttons together and cover the holes in the smallest button with gold or silver mini brads. Use small seed beads strung on a length of wire to make a stem for your flower.

Photo Turn Scrapbook Flowers

Arrange photo turns in a circle, attaching with mini brads. Add a larger decorative brad or a button in the center to create a slightly abstract looking flower.

Sewn Ribbon Flowers

Sew through the edge of a scrap of ribbon, gather it together, and add a button center to make a pretty flower for your baby girl scrapbook layout. About Scrapbooking has a tutorial that explains this technique in greater detail.

Looped Ribbon Scrapbooking Flowers

Make three ribbon loops. Layer the loops in a circle shape with the centers overlapping. Add a button to the middle to complete your flower.

Felt Flowers

Cut circles of varying sizes out of felt in the color of your choice. Layer the circles together, then sew a series of clear beads to the center.

Cupcake Scrapbooking Flowers

Did you know that you can turn cupcake liners into unique scrapbook flowers? Using a clean liner, cut from the rim to the base all around the wrapper. Layer two or three cut liners together, then add a button or other embellishment to the center.

Be Creative!

The best baby girl scrapbooking ideas are the ones that express your own personal sense of style. Spend the afternoon going through your collection of scrapbook supplies and see what types of flower embellishments you can create. With a little experimentation, you're sure to come up with ideas for a memorable keepsake your child will cherish.

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