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Journaling Ideas for Baby Scrapbook Layouts

5 Creative Ways to Describe Pictures


Updated December 22, 2010

journaling ideas

Newspaper stories can provide the inspiration for fun journaling ideas.

Dana Hinders

Unless you're a professional writer, you probably find yourself struggling with what to say on your baby scrapbook layout. However, coming up with creative journaling ideas doesn't have to be complicated. Here are five easy ways to add interest to your baby journal pages.

Make a Cartoon

For playful baby layouts, consider making your journaling look like a cartoon. Use stickers that look like thought bubbles to tell what people are saying or add the bubbles digitally using Adobe Photoshop Elements. Take cartoon journaling ideas one step farther by arranging your pictures to look like pages in a comic book and adding a few superhero-themed embellishments.

Write a Fairy Tale

This is one of the journaling ideas that works especially well when you're making baby book pages for a little girl, since many people love to refer to their daughter as a "little princess." Begin the entry in your baby journal with the classic "Once upon a time" opening and make your daughter the main princess character. If the story is about her throwing a temper tantrum or getting into trouble, consider casting yourself as a villainous monster for a humorous approach.

Create a Recipe

Recipes help you remember how to make your favorite meals, but they also work great for creating a baby keepsake book. For example, the recipe for a successful bedtime routine might involve a warm bath, clean pajamas, reading Goodnight Moon, and snuggling with a favorite teddy bear. Be creative to see what types of journaling ideas you can come up with that use the recipe format.

Write a Script

If your family has a flair for the dramatic, write your baby scrapbook layout journaling as if you were making a script for a play. For example, a scrapbook page about baby starting solids might include the following:

MOMMY: It's time for dinner. Here come the strained peas!

BABY: (scrunches up her face in disgust)

MOMMY: Come on, just one little bite. (gives baby a bite of peas)

BABY: (spits peas back in Mommy's face)

DADDY: (laughs) I don't think she likes them.

Write a Newspaper Article

Consider writing the journaling for your baby scrapbook page as if you were preparing a newspaper article about the event. This works well for pages about structured activities, such as baby's first birthday or first Christmas. You can even "interview" family members to obtain interesting quotes for your article.

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