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Creative Mother’s Day Scrapbook Ideas

Scrapbooking Pages Featuring You and Your Baby


Updated March 07, 2011

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Ask someone to snap a picture of you and your baby together for your Mother's Day scrapbook page.

Dana Hinders

Scrapbooking your first Mother's Day with your new baby provides a chance to reflect on how your life has changed since your child arrived. Even if you're still working out the finer points of parenting, this is certainly an occasion that deserves a special place in your baby scrapbook album.

Getting Pictures for a Mother's Day Scrapbook

If you don't have a lot of pictures of you and your baby together, you're not alone. Many women dislike having their picture taken. They hide from the camera because they are afraid they'll look like they've gained weight, that their clothes aren't stylish enough, or that they didn't have time to apply a fresh coat of lipstick before running out the door. However, your family scrapbook isn't complete without you in it! You are a key part of your child's life and she isn't going to care how you look in the pictures.

For your Mother's Day scrapbook page, ask a friend or family member to take some pictures of you and your baby together. If you don't have a willing assistant, practice with the self-timer on your digital camera or snap some pictures using the webcam on your laptop. You may find that you capture some great pictures - ones that you can use in both a scrapbook or custom photo jewelry.

Making Mother's Day Scrapbooking Pages

Mother's Day scrapbooking pages can be sentimental, sweet, or maybe just a little silly - depending upon your mood. If you have journaling that you're not comfortable sharing with the world, simply tuck it inside an envelope attached to your scrapbook layout. If you're having trouble finding the right words to express how you feel, About Quotations has a number of lovely Mother's Day sayings that might help you overcome your writer's block.

A Family Blossoms With a Mother's Love

Use floral print patterned paper and flower embellishments to make a Mother's Day scrapbook page featuring you with your baby, your husband, and your older children. If you want to be extra creative, use a circle punch to crop your photos and add patterned paper "petals" to each flower.

Labor of Love

When they become mothers for the first time, many women make the mistake of thinking giving birth is the hard part. Make a scrapbooking page that talks about some of the challenges you've faced during your baby's first year.

A Mother's Work Is Never Done

It's often hard for the rest of the family to fully appreciate all of the many tasks Mom does-from making breakfast to reading bedtime stories. Make a scrapbooking layout that talks about your daily schedule and describe some of the best and worst times of a typical day. Pair a picture of you and your baby with snapshots that represent these daily activities, such as a pile of laundry waiting to be folded or groceries waiting to be put away.

Lessons in Motherhood

Did your baby's birth help you improve your relationship with your own mother? Has having a child forced you to slow down your jam-packed schedule and appreciate the simple things in life? Make a Mother's Day scrapbook page that describes some of the important lessons you've learned from your baby.

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