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Capturing Baby Memories in Your Scrapbook Album

Add Interest to Your Baby Scrapbook Layouts With Memorabilia


Updated January 07, 2011

scrapbook memorabilia

Use the fabric from special outfits to make custom scrapbook embellishments.

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Baby scrapbooks are primarily filled with photos and journaling, but adding items of special baby memories to your pages can give your album a new depth. Items such as baby announcements, greeting cards, newspaper clippings, video clips, a lock of hair, or a letter from a special relative can all be wonderful additions to a book that celebrates baby's first year.

Preserving Your Special Baby Memories into Your Baby Scrapbook Page

There are several different ways to incorporate memorabilia into your baby scrapbook pages, depending upon what types of items you are hoping to preserve.

  • Attaching a mini album to your 12x12 scrapbook page provides a simple way to incorporate more memorabilia into your baby scrapbook layouts. Mini albums can be used to hold letters, postcards, ticket stubs, and other forms of flat memorabilia.
  • If you've been busy filming everything from starting baby on solids to his first steps, include a copy of your DVD in your baby keepsake album. Tuck it into an envelope made from a sheet of patterned paper. Activity Village has instructions for making a very simple origami envelope.
  • Vellum scrapbook memorabilia pockets provide special places to keep fragile mementos such as a lock of your child's hair. You can either purchase these envelopes from a craft store or make your own using a sheet of scrapbooking vellum in the color of your choice.
  • There's nothing more exciting than hearing your baby say "Momma" for the very first time. The Sounds Easy Voice Recorder lets you include short audio clips in your collection of scrapbook memorabilia.

Turning Baby Memories and Items Into Embellishments

Although some types of memorabilia are best preserved in their original form, other mementos can be transported into customized embellishments for your baby scrapbook layouts. This can be a wonderful way to give your scrapbook a one-of-a-kind look while sticking to a tight budget.

Here are some ideas for working with paper scrapbook memorabilia:

  • Greeting cards such as those received for baby's first birthday can easily be incorporated into scrapbook pages. Use a square punch to isolate images from the fronts of the cards, then arrange the squares into a grid to make a colorful page border for your baby scrapbook page.
  • Cut tag shapes from greeting cards and accent the tags with bits of ribbon or yarn.
  • Make a collage with assorted paper scraps to use as custom background paper for your baby keepsake album. For example, a page about baby's growth during the first year could include appointment cards from his pediatrician visits and images from brochures you received at the doctor's office.

Babies go through a number of outfits during their first year, many of which are simply adorable. If you want to preserve some of these mementos, consider these ideas:

  • Fabric can be scanned to make customized background paper for your baby scrapbook layouts. This can be a great way to make pages that coordinate perfectly with a special photo of your baby.
  • If you have special fabric from a favorite baby outfit or baby blanket, consider using it to make flower accents for your layouts. Studio Calico has a wonderful tutorial detailing how to turn scraps of fabric into colorful flower accents that can be used for your scrapbook pages.
  • Cut the pockets out of the back of baby's first pair of jeans and attach them to your layout to make scrapbook memorabilia pockets.
  • Clip buttons or ribbon bows off baby's old clothes to use as accents for your scrapbook layouts.
  • Use a zipper from an old outfit as a page border.
  • Cover chipboard shapes with screen printed images cut from your favorite baby onesies, such as cartoon characters or funny slogans like "Spit Happens." Seal the accents with Mod Podge for maximum durability.
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