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Your go-to site for baby scrapbooks. From practical how to's to scrapbook page layout ideas to organization tips, we've got what will give you the confidence to document your baby's first year.
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5 Quick Scrapbooking Tips for New Parents
Keeping in mind some quick scrapbooking tips makes it easy to design attractive baby scrapbook pages. You don't need to spend hours on each layout in order to preserve memories from your baby's first year.

Mother’s Day Scrapbook – Creative Mother’s Day Scrapbook Ideas
Mother’s Day Scrapbook – Creative Mother’s Day Scrapbook Ideas

Valentines Day Scrapbooks for Boys
Valentines Day scrapbooks aren't just for girls. Celebrate your love for your baby boy by making a special Valentines Day scrapbook layout with a masculine touch.

How to Create a Baby Scrapbook
Learn how to create a baby scrapbook without spending a lot of time or money on the project. Baby scrapbook freebies and page kits make assembling a baby album quick and easy.

Creative Scrapbook Flowers
Scrapbook flowers make excellent embellishments for baby girl scrapbook layouts. Get ideas for creative scrapbooking flowers to use on your pages.

Scrapbook Memorabilia for Your Baby Keepake Album
Including scrapbook memorabilia in your baby keepsake album gives your baby scrapbook layouts a one-of-a-kind look. Scrapbook memorabilia can be used in its original state or turned into custom page embellishments.

Photo Matting - Photo Mat Alternatives For Your Baby Scrapbook Pages
In scrapbooking, photo matting refers to the process of surrounding your photo with thin borders of paper. Scrapbook photo mats can be plain cardstock, patterned paper, or a combination of the two. Novice scrapbookers often feel like they need to mat every photo on a layout. This approach is simply not practical for a busy new parent. When...

Saving Time With Scrapbook Sketches
Use scrapbook sketches to save time on your baby scrapbook layouts. When you're in need of scrapbooking ideas, scrapbook sketches provide an easy blueprint to follow for baby boy scrapbooks or baby girl scrapbooks.

Scrapbook Page Kits are Great for Busy Parents
Scrapbook page kits let you save time making your baby scrapbook album. You can make baby page kits from your own supply stash or buy scrapbook page kits from a craft store.

Scrapbooking Memories in a Baby Journal
Scrapbooking memories in a baby journal doesn't have to be difficult, even if you don't consider yourself a very good writer. Focus on providing basic information in a simple format.

Keeping a Notebook of Scrapbooking Page Ideas
Keeping a notebook of scrapbooking page ideas help you make the most of the limited time you have to create your baby scrapbook album.

Cropping Pictures Helps Improve Your Baby Photos
Learn how cropping pictures can help improve the quality of your baby photos before you add them to a scrapbook layout or photo album. Cropping pictures enhances the beauty of your baby scrapbook.

Journaling Ideas for Baby Scrapbook Layouts
Find creative journaling ideas for your baby scrapbook layouts. Fun journaling ideas can add interest to any baby keepsake album.

Scrapbook Flower Ideas - Finding and Sharing Scrapbook Flower Ideas
Scrapbook flower embellishments can be just the thing to make your baby girl scrapbook page pop. If you are looking for scrapbook flower ideas or can offer tips on making scrapbook flowers, browse and share your scrapbooking ideas.

Scrapbook Color Schemes for Baby Layouts
Understanding color theory basics can help you choose great scrapbook color schemes by encouraging you to think beyond traditional gender-specific color options for your baby layouts.

Baby Proofing Your Scrapbook Room
Once your child learns to crawl, it's time to think about baby proofing your scrapbook room. Learning how to baby proof is not difficult, but it does require looking at your scrapbook supplies from your baby's point of view.

Scrapbook Supplies - Protecting Your Scrapbook Supplies and Your Baby
Though you certainly want to keep your precious baby safe, you may need to think about how best to protect your scrapbook supplies and your baby. Here are some reader tips on baby proofing your scrapbook supplies.

Color Schemes - Favorite Scrapbook Color Schemes
What color schemes have you found to really work in your baby scrapbooks? What makes your baby pictures pop, what colors convey different emotions that reflect your baby's life? Share your favorite scrapbook color schemes and offer tips on selecting colors for your scrapbook albums.

Tips for Buying Baby Scrapbook Albums
Choosing the right baby scrapbook albums will help make sure your precious memories stay safe for years to come. Don't let your pages be destroyed by a cheap scrapbooking album. These tips will help you find the best baby scrapbook album for the money.

Baby Scrapbook Albums Tips and Tricks - Share Your Tips for Creating Baby...
Are you an avid scrapbooker? Share your baby scrapbook albums ideas. What do you suggest people do to create the best baby scrapbbook albums.

Patterned Scrapbook Papers - Mixing Patterned Scrapbook Papers in Your Baby...
Patterned Scrapbook Papers - Mixing Patterned Scrapbook Papers in Your Baby Scrapbook Pages

Mini Scrapbook Albums - Ideas for Mini Scrapbook Albums
Mini Scrapbook Albums - Ideas for Mini Scrapbook Albums

Multiple Babies - Tips for Scrapbooking Multiple Babies
Multiple Babies - Tips for Scrapbooking Multiple Babies

Your Best Baby Scrapbook Pages
Take a few minutes to describe and share your best baby scrapbook pages. Post your tips, tricks and advice while you show off your baby scrapbook pages.

5 Ways to Use Poor Quality Photos in Your Baby Scrapbook Album
Poor quality photos can make it hard to create a baby scrapbook page, but there are several different tricks you can use to help enhance bad quality photos before adding them to your album.

Photo Scrapbook Tips - How to Scrapbook Low Quality Photographs
Have a stash of photos that aren't that great? Check out our photo scrapbook tips on how to use these photos and share your own advice.

Baby Scrapbook Themes - Ideas for Baby Scrapbooking Pages
Baby scrapbook themes are a wonderful way to layout your scrapbook. Browse our list of reader suggestions of baby scrapbook themes and offer some ideas of your own.

Ideas for Great Baby Scrapbook Themes
Ideas for great baby scrapbook themes can come from many different sources, but they all provide an easy way to quickly create a memorable keepsake album for your child.

Free Scrapbook Supplies- Finding Free Stuff For Your Scrapbooks
Looking to land some free scrapbook supplies? Have an amazing deal to share with others? Get resources and share your own tips on getting free scrapbook supplies.

Baby Boy Scrapbook Ideas for Embellishments
With so many magazines and websites featuring baby girl scrapbook pages, mothers of sons need to be creative when searching for baby boy scrapbook ideas for embellishments.

Creating an Adoption Lifebook for Your Baby
An adoption memory book, often called an adoption lifebook, tells the story of an adopted baby's journey to his new home. Lifebooks for adopted children have many of the same layouts as a traditional baby book, but include special sections about the adoption itself.

Tips for Creating Special NICU Books
NICU books help document the joys and challenges associated with your baby's special birth story. Preemie scrapbooks can be challenging to create, whoever, so you will want to keep in mind a few helpful tips for designing memorable NICU books.

Making an ABC Book for Your Baby
Making an ABC book is a fun project that can help you clear out your scrapbook supply stash while creating a special keepsake for your baby. The best part about making an ABC book is that this project can be as simple or as complex as you see fit.

How to Create a First Year Baby Book
Creating a first year baby book that features one layout for each month of your baby’s life is an easy way to scrapbook important baby memories when you don't have time to make individual layouts for every baby development milestone.

Making 4th of July Scrapbook Layouts for Your Baby Album
Making 4th of July scrapbook layouts for your baby album is a great way to showcase your All-American Baby! Keep your camera handy to snap a few pictures of your child enjoying the fun of this patriotic holiday.

Using Rubber Stamps for Scrapbooking Your Baby Memories
When you're on a tight budget, using rubber stamps for scrapbooking your baby memories is a smart move. Since decorative rubber stamps can be used multiple times, they are a wise investment compared to single-use products like stickers and scrapbooking rub-ons.

5 Ways to Scrapbook Returning to Work After Maternity Leave
Returning to work after maternity leave isn't easy, but scrapbooking can provide a way to help deal with your conflicted feelings regarding time away from your baby.

Baby Boy Scrapbook Ideas for Homemade Embellishments
To save money when making your baby boy scrapbook album, consider creating your own scrapbooking embellishments. There are several different baby boy scrapbook ideas for embellishments you can make with basic craft supplies.

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