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The Biblical Name Noah


Updated January 31, 2013

Meaning of Noah:

Noah means "rest, comfort" and is from the Hebrew name, Noach. One of the best known stories from the Old Testament is of Noah who built the Ark under God's command and took two animals of every kind on board. Because of his faith, his family was rescued from the Great Flood.

Popularity of Noah:

Noah started to come into use during the Protestant Reformation and was particularly popular among Puritans. The name has always been on the Social Security Name Charts (going back to 1880), but it has only been since the mid 90s that the name cracked into the top 100 names. Because it has only recently come into common use, it does not make the Top 100 Names of the Past Century.

It is quite likely that the fuel for the popularity of Noah came from the popular TV show ER. The much-loved character, Dr. John Carter, was played by Noah Wyle for the duration of the show. His character. Just as the name seem to be cresting in popularity, the romance movie The Notebook premiered in 2004. With the strong male lead character, Noah gained steam once again.

Pronunciation of Noah:

Noah is pronounced with a long o sound and emphasis on the first syllable. NO-ah.

Possible Middle Names for Noah:

  • Noah Asher
  • Noah Allen
  • Noah Douglas
  • Noah Gabriel
  • Noah James
  • Noah Jackson
  • Noah Reed

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Being such a short name, parents may not desire a nickname for Noah. One of the few options might simply be "No", but I am not sure how many parents want there child thinking there name is no.

Sibling Name Suggestions:

If you are looking for a baby name that pairs well with the name Noah, you might look to other Hebrew or Biblical names, two syllable names, or names beginning with the letter N. Here are some possibilities.

  • For girls: Abigail, Elizabeth, Hannah, Natalie, Ruth, Olivia, Patience
  • For boys: Adam, Caleb, James, Jonah, Josiah, Matthew, Nathan, Nicholas,

Baby Name Trends:

Biblical or "older, classical" names have been increasingly popular in recent years.

Famous Noahs:

There are several current actors who bear the name Noah.

  • Noah Wyle, Actor
  • Noah Adams, Radio Personality
  • Noah Bastian, Actor
  • Noah Beery Sr., Actor
  • Noah Emmerich, Actor
  • Noah Hathaway, Actor
  • Noah Taylor, Actor

Celebrity Babies Named Noah:

There are several stars and celebrities who choose the name Noah for their baby. They include:

  • Noah Phoenix Ambrósio Mazur (2012), son of Alessandra Ambrósio
  • Noah Theodore Csincack (2011), son of Ann Lueders and Jesse Csincack
  • Noah James Daughter (2010), son of Chris Daughtry, twin of Adalynn Rose
  • Noah Lindsey (2000), daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus
  • Noah Weiland (2000), son of Scott Weiland
  • Noah Beach, (1996), son of Adam Beach
  • Noah Alexander (1996), son of Jason Alexander
  • Noah Gabriel Becker (1994), son of Boris Becker
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