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Updated December 31, 2012

Meaning of Elizabeth:

The roots of Elizabeth grow deep within the Hebrew culture. The Hebrew name Elisheva means "my God is an oath" or possibly "my God is abundance." In the Old Testament, Elisheba was the wife of Aaron, the brother of Moses. In the New Testament, Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist and cousin of the Virgin Mary. The Greek culture embraced the name, Ελισαβετ (Elisabet), making it more familiar to the name of today.

Popularity of Elizabeth:

As of 2011, the name Elizabeth ranked number 11 on the Top 50 Names. Since 1880, the baby name Elizabeth has always appeared within the top 100 girl names. In fact, the name has been so popular that for 72 of those years, the name made it into the top 10 baby names. Because of her sustained popularity, when looking at the Top 100 Names of the Past Century, Elizabeth clinches the #3 spot.


In English, Elizabeth is pronounced i-LIZ-ə-bəth.

Middle Names for Elizabeth:

Personally, I think Elizabeth is one of those names that works with lots of different styles and sounds of middle names. For help picking the perfect full name, check out Picking the Best Middle Names for Baby.

Here are just a few suggestions to get your mind thinking:

  • Elizabeth Ann
  • Elizabeth Claire
  • Elizabeth Christine
  • Elizabeth Danielle
  • Elizabeth Gabrielle
  • Elizabeth Grace
  • Elizabeth Hope
  • Elizabeth Jane
  • Elizabeth Juliet
  • Elizabeth Kate
  • Elizabeth Lenore
  • Elizabeth Mae
  • Elizabeth Marie
  • Elizabeth Paige
  • Elizabeth Pearl
  • Elizabeth Riley
  • Elizabeth Sienna
  • Elizabeth Skye
  • Elizabeth Victoria

Share your suggestions for middle names at the "Write a Review" link below.

Elizabeth Nicknames:

Elizabeth is one of those names that lends itself easily to lots (and lots!) of different nicknames. Some diminutives of Elizabeth include the names Bess, Bessie, Beth, Betsy, Bette, Bettie, Betty, Buffy, Elisa, Eliza, Ella, Ellie, Elly, Elsa, Elsie, Elyse, Libbie, Libby, Liddy, Lilibet, Lilibeth,, Lisa, Lise, Liz, Liza, Lizbeth, Lizette, Lizzie, Lizzy, Tetty, Bettye, Elle, and Leesa.

Sibling Name Suggestions:

Picking out a sibling name that compliments the names of brothers and sisters can be challenging. For help getting inspiration in naming siblings, you may want to refer to Choosing the Best Sibling Name.

Some specific suggestions include:

  • For girls: Abigail, Anna, Catherine, Emily, Evelyn, Louise, Margaret, Mary, Rebecca, Victoria
  • For boys: Alexander, Andrew, Benjamin, Christopher, Daniel, David, Edward, Ethan, James, John, Thomas, William

Baby Name Trends:

Throughout the greater picture of history, the name was originally much more popular in Eastern Europe. During the reign of Elizabeth I in the 16th century and continuing up through today, the name has become largely popular throughout England, Europe, and the United States.

In the past 100 years in the United States, Elizabeth has always been a popular name. However, its highest point in popularity was between 1880-1920. Though still in common use, it was not as popular between 1920-1980. Just as the name was popular in 1880, by the 1980s the name was picking up steam once again - and has been maintaining its popularity.

Famous Celebrities Named Elizabeth:

  • Elizabeth Hurley, Actress
  • Elizabeth Taylor, Actress
  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Poet
  • Elizabeth McGovern, Actress
  • Elizabeth Mitchell, Actress
  • Elizabeth Montgomery, Actress
  • Elizabeth Perkins, Actress
  • Elizabeth , Royalty
  • Elizabeth Abbott, 20th Century Writer
  • Elizabeth Adams, 20th Century Writer
  • Elizabeth Agassiz, 20th Century Writer
  • Elizabeth Allen, 20th Century Writer
  • Elizabeth Allen, Actress
  • Elizabeth Armstrong Forbes, English Artist
  • Elizabeth Ashley, Actress
  • Elizabeth Backhouse, 20th Century Writer
  • Elizabeth F. Bagley, Diplomat
  • Elizabeth Banks, Actress
  • Elizabeth Barondes, Actress
  • Elizabeth Barton, Contemporary Artist In The Latter 20th Century
  • Elizabeth Báthory, Royalty
  • Elizabeth Bennett, Renowned Mathematician
  • Elizabeth Benson, Published Author
  • Elizabeth Berdann, Artist
  • Elizabeth Beresford, Writer
  • Elizabeth Berkley, Actress
  • Elizabeth Bishop, Poet
  • Elizabeth Bisland, Writer
  • Elizabeth Blackadder, British Artist
  • Elizabeth Blackwell, Pioneering Physician
  • Elizabeth Bobby, Published Author
  • Elizabeth Boone, Published Author
  • Elizabeth Boott Duveneck, Romantic American Painter
  • Elizabeth Bouguereau, Romantic American Painter
  • Elizabeth Bowen, Author
  • Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Royalty
  • Elizabeth Bowman, Professional Golfer (LPGA)
  • Elizabeth Boyer, Writer
  • Elizabeth Braestrup, Published Author
  • Elizabeth Bragg, Pioneer In The Field Of Engineering

Celebrity Babies Named Elizabeth:

Some celebrities have fancied the name Elizabeth for their children. Here are just a few recent "Elizabeths" born to the Hollywood gang.

  • Elizabeth Allen (2009), daughter of Tim Allen
  • Elizabeth Rose Cameron (2006) , daughter of James Cameron and Suzy Amis
  • Elizabeth Louise Astin (2002), daughter of Sean Astin
  • Elizabeth Hilfiger (1994), daughter of Tommy Hilfiger
  • Elizabeth Frances Marie Scott (1988), daughter Melody Thomas Scott
  • Elizabeth Jean Montana (1986), daughter of Joe Montana
  • Elizabeth Scarlett Jagger (1984), daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall
  • Elizabeth Ann Hanks (1983), daughter of Tom Hanks
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